California Booming was created to provide up-to-date, factual information about the Baby Boom Generation, individuals born between the years of 1946-1964. With about 78 million Boomers currently residing in the U.S., this is the largest "special interest group" in America today. Over half of all Boomers can be found in just nine states, and the largest concentration are in California, Texas, and Florida. California is home to the most Boomers, with over 9 million!

Because of its sheer generational size, accumulated assets, and potential longevity (20-30 years after retirement), Boomers have become a major focus of product retailers, financial planners, health providers, senior living communities, pharmaceutical companies, and government policymakers. Despite the best efforts of the mass media to portray Boomers as fun-loving, aging hippies who hang out at the beach when they are not managing their 401k accounts, Baby Boomers are a complex, heterogeneous group of adults that defy simple pigeon-holing.

This website represents a scholarly, data-driven approach to the generation that redefined American culture, and which will continue to have a significant impact on our society and social institutions for another thirty years.

Life's a beach?


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