San Diego State University Interwork Institute

The Interwork Institute at San Diego State University was established in 1988 for the purpose of promoting the integration of all individuals, including those with disabilities, into postsecondary education, work, family, and community life. To that end, the Institute conducts research, training, and education programs worldwide using a variety of instructional strategies and delivery systems, including the latest distance learning technologies. Current education and research efforts occur in all 50 states, tribal communities throughout the U.S., the Pacific Basin, Asia, Mexico, South America, and Europe. The Institute's mission is supported through grants and contracts from local, state, federal, and international organizations, totaling approximately $10 million annually.


                           Dr. Caren Sax                          Dr. Fred McFarlane                      Dr. Stephen Barnes

Co-Directors, Interwork Institute                      

Interwork Initiatives and Programs

With more than 60 staff--including SDSU faculty, instructors and trainers, project managers, and support personnel--the Interwork Institute maintains an active research, training, and program design and delivery agenda. Major initiatives and programs consist of the following: